All-Sufficient One

I have stood in the gap for you and made up the hedge when no one else would or could, says the LORD. For I Am your redeemer. I Am your Savoir. I Am your Lord. I Am your Healer. I Am your deliverer; I Am your Provider, and I Am your defense. You need not look for another, for

I Will Answer You

Call upon Me and I will answer you, says the Lord. I will not turn you away. You have access to Me. I will hear your prayers and answer them. Do not give into the lies of the enemy when He tries to tell you that I have not heard. I always hear you, and I know the cry of

Extending My Hand

I have NOT withheld My hand from you, says the LORD. I Am extending it toward you as I hold out the golden scepter to you. Come near to Me. Come close. Come quickly! Come without fear! I will grant you not only the desires of your heart, but MUCH MORE than you could ever ask or think. I will

I Will Never Forsake You

I will never forsake you, says the LORD. I cannot and will not abandon My plan and purpose for your life. I have placed this within you as you were being formed in the womb of your mother. I was there to order every step that you would take in life and provision every one of them. Every preparation is

Rest in My Presence

Rest in My presence, says the LORD.  You have wearied yourself with endless questions.  You have frustrated yourself with numerous uncertainties.  You have asked me to confirm the confirmations that I have already given you.  You have interrupted your praise of Me with the cares of this life.  The distractions that are distasteful to you have kept you busy about

The Stability

I Am the stability of your times, as you put your faith and trust in Me, says the Lord. I will quiet the storms that are not only around you, but the ones that rage within you. You need not be fretful, for I Am bringing you quietness and a calmness that will issue you into tranquility within My presence.

I Am the Good Shepherd

I Am the GOOD SHEPHERD, says the Lord.  I love My sheep.  You are one of Mine.  When you were lost, I left all others in the safety of My fold and I sought for you. That is how much I love you and care about you! Your faint voice that cried out to Me in the darkness drew Me unto you.