Proclaim Those Things I Speak

The things that I speak to you in secret, proclaim from the mountain tops, says the Lord.  Be like that city that is set on a hill that cannot be hid.  For what I speak to you is MY WORD that must be preached and published.  Do not silent My voice on the inside of you or hoard those treasures of My Rhema WORD.  For My word will break in pieces the weapons of the enemy for yourself and others. My Word will bring healing to the infirmed.  It will break down strongholds of the evil ones and sever the chains that have kept many held in captivity. My WORD is a fire that will burn up the dross and bring purity and wholeness.  My Word is life and light. It will penetrate and displace darkness and bring life in the place of certain death.  Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.  Become fat and full with the power of My WORD and release it like the sword of My Spirit FROM YOUR MOUTH, says the LORD.

I have made you to be a bold witness for ME, says the LORD.  No time to cower or remain obscure.  Out of the corner of your world and the closet of your security.  I will keep you safe in every place that I send you to be voice that cries in the wilderness of many people, places and things.  I Am downloading into you the penetrating power of MY WORD, and it will pierce through the hardest hearts and set the most bound free.  Are you ready to speak? For as you longed to hear My voice and know My unimpeachable WORD, I will make YOU A VOICE that speaks what you hear. I will cause you to be what I Am and do what I do, for the time of your obscurity is over, and you cannot hide and hoard My precious gifts and call and powerful Word and WORK any longer, says the LORD.

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