Your times and seasons are in My hands, and your life is hid in Me, says the Lord.  I have you covered in Me.  I have cloaked you with M1y grace and mantled you with My mercy that endures forever.  You are not behind the times.  You cannot go beyond them.  They are set in order, as I have ordained for your life.  You are in a hurry to get to the next level, but I will set the pace.  Trust Me at all times, and stop to look at the scenery along the way.  For I Am with you always.  I want you to enjoy My presence and fellowship with Me as I commune with you along the way, says the Lord.

Stop looking beyond this moment, says the Lord.  For as you plan ahead and push ahead, you may forget that I have created this day for you to rejoice in.  Be filled with thanksgiving for what you now have and what you now see and what you now have obtained.  Recognize that I Am with you in this sojourn, and the rush to move forward is ignoring the pleasures of My presence this day.  Feast on the manna for today, and let Me guide you continually.  Fellowship with Me now and enjoy the journey.  For I Am your abiding companion, and as you yoke up with Me and let Me set the pace and have the controls, you will not overlook the blessings and benefits that I daily load you with, says the Lord.

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