I desire intimate friendship and fellowship with you, says the Lord. The closer you are to Me, the greater it is for Me. I want you to abide in Me and MY Word. It is possible to Know My heart, sense My constant presence, and have an ongoing communication with Me. There are no boundaries and limitations that I will set. I want to share My heart with you, and whisper secrets in your ears. My love for you is a jealous, fiery love that cannot be quenched. You are precious to Me, and nothing can compare to My love and desire for you, says the LORD.

Don’t allow anything to interfere with our communion and communication, says the LORD. Spend quality time in the secret place where I can show you things to come and prepare you for what is ahead. Nothing takes me by surprise, and I can bring you into that place in Me where you will not be shocked either. I also will give you the confidence that you need as you face the tests and trials of life, that nothing can overwhelm you, because you will be completely aware of My presence, My power, My SPIRIT, and My voice, and peace of mind and heart will be uninterrupted, impenetrable by any circumstances, because I Am with you always, says the LORD.

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