Come Close to Me

Dedicated to the Presence of God

Come into My presence, says the LORD. I Am calling you to come closer to Me. You cannot be near to Me without being near to My heart. You cannot come into My presence without hearing My thoughts and discovering the secrets that I will reveal to you. Come up higher and draw closer to Me. For I want you

Excel in My Presence

You will excel and come up higher as your worship of Me increases, says the LORD.  For as your heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise, and you surround yourself with gratefulness for My faithfulness to you, you will be released from the dark thoughts and feelings that the enemy is trying to impose on you.  Your faith will become

Come into My Presence

Come into My presence as a little child, says the LORD. Look to Me as your everlasting Father that loves you with an everlasting love. I listen for your footsteps as you enter into My throne room of grace. I love to hear the sound of your voice and wait for your petitions. I will answer you. You do not

I Never Tire of You

I never tire of you, says the LORD. I eagerly anticipate the sound of your footsteps as you come into My presence. I Long to have intimacy with you. I want to lavish My love on you and give you hidden treasures that surprise and amaze you. I enjoy the sound of your voice as you fellowship with Me. You

Come Into My Presence

Come into My presence where there is fullness of joy for you, says the LORD. I have taken the bitter cup of sorrow out of your hand. Do not drink of it any more. I give you the cup of consolation and joy for your sorrow, says the Lord. I will rain down the fresh oil of My joy upon

You Are Not Too Difficult

There is nothing that I cannot do and nothing that is complicated or difficult for me, says the LORD. You are not too difficult and I know all about your need. I know everything that pertains to you. I created you and I AM not distant from you. I Am the ever present help for you in times of trouble,

I Will Build You Up

Everything that I have for you is good, says the LORD. I will build you up and fortify you By My Spirit in you. You will be filled to capacity and overflowing with My Spirit as you bask in My presence where you will find more than you ever expected. I will give you unimpeachable joy in My presence and

Relax in My Presence

Relax in my presence, says the LORD. Relinquish the illegitimate stress. I Am not building you and making you by stressing you. I do so with care. I do so with loving-kindness. I do so with compassion and I do so with power. None of the stress that you are experiencing comes from Me. For I Am not anxious about

I Will Build You

I will build you and make you and cause you to succeed in proportion to your pursuit of Me, says the LORD. For as you press into My presence and pursue My higher thoughts and ways, you will have an increase of wisdom and understanding. You will have clarity in the steps that I order for you. You will receive

I Have Not Forgotten You

I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. I have heard the cry of your heart and know what you need even before you ask. I will never abandon you, abuse you, mistreat you or deny any good thing from you. Even as I have kept you all the days of your life, I Am keeping you now and will