Life and Liberty

Have you not read, have you not heard, that Where My Spirit is, there is liberty? I did not come to imprison you, but to set you free. Wherever I Am, there is live and liberty, says the LORD. Your chains will fall off. Your fetters will be broken. Your prison doors will be unlocked and even the gates will no longer be barred, but wide open for you. I have loosed you from bondage and false authorities, and set you free so that you can serve Me, says the Lord.

Walk in that liberty. Walk out of that prison. It is not your destiny and you do not belong in any bondage, says the LORD. I have things for you to do that will glorify Me, and you will not be idle, chained, bound, or fettered, but absolutely free. Be joyous in Me, for nothing can stop you from moving forward in Me. Nothing can hold you back. I have ordained your steps and destiny, and bondage is not in the script, but freedom is, says the LORD.

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