I Made You Worthy

I have made you worthy by you  faith in My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, says the LORD. Do not allow the enemy, the accuser of the saints to cause you to come under condemnation. No more!  I have fully sanctified and purified you. There is nothing that My blood has not covered. There is nothing that I have not already accomplished for you. IT IS FINISHED! I have fulfilled everything that you need, and furnished you completely. YOU ARE COMPLETE IN ME NOW! There is nothing missing and nothing that you need to add to what I have done for you. JUST walk in ME, for nothing can keep you from Me or My love for you, says the LORD.

I Am your all in all, says the LORD. Trust that you are complete in ME! My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. You are strong IN ME! Live and move and have your being IN ME, for as you abandon yourself to Me and walk in My strength and My love and MY Spirit and MY ability and MY glory, you will discover the fullness that I have reserved for you in MY PRESENCE. You will have everything that you need in My glory, and will become the overcomer that I have equipped you to be. You will know My unlimited power and experience My greater glory and enjoy the benefits that I daily load you with as you press into My presence where there is fullness of joy and abiding peace, says the LORD.

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