I Will Never Reject You

I will never reject you or turn you away, says the LORD. I said whoever will may come to Me and freely eat the bread of life and freely drink of the fountain of living water. Whoever calls upon My name shall be saved. I have not banished anyone from My fullness, and all that I have for one, I have for all. You are no exception. There is no room for jealousy or envy. I will give you all things that you desire. Do not see yourself as a second-class citizen of My kingdom! I have made you royalty and given you entitlement as My child to access every blessing that I have. All is yours for the asking and the receiving. I Am no respecter of persons and have no favorites, says the LORD.

Believe in Me, says the LORD. Believe in My finished work for you on the cross. I have paid in full for every blessing, every gift, every need and every desire of your heart by My shed blood and broken body for you. I died that you might live. Trust that it is finished. Nothing that you have done or did not do cannot change the finished work that is for you. You will receive the all that I have for you by faith in ME, not in yourself. I desire that  you will always have faith in My care of you and My provision for you. I have kept you all the days of your life, I Am your keeper now, and will always be your keeper. Trust that all is yours and all is well and you are safe and secure in Me at all times, despite any circumstances.  I will never disappoint you and give you less than you need or less than the complete desire of your heart. You will not have to compromise, for I will give you exceedingly abundantly above that which you have asked me for or even imagined, says the LORD.

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