Press into My Presence

Press into My presence, says the LORD.  Come empty and hungry.  Thirst for ME, the living GOD.  Desire Me and seek My face!  Do not become satisfied with left over anointing!  I have fresh oil for you.  Do not eat stale bread. I have fresh bread for you to eat!  I will satisfy the hungry and refresh the thirsty.  I

Align Yourself with Me

Align yourself with Me, says the LORD. Let Me be your greatest desire and come boldly into agreement with Who I Am and what I Am doing and How I Am directing you. For you are NOT in charge of your destiny. I AM! I made you for a specific purpose and I have good plans for you. They are

I Will Not Disappoint You

I will not disappoint you, says the LORD, for I will give you the desire of your heart as you SEEK Me first and foremost. Let My will become yours. Let My heart become yours. Let My higher ways and thoughts become yours! For I only have the best for you. Do not compromise yourself and do not lower yourself

Nothing Is Hidden

Come to Me as you are, for I already know everything about you, and nothing is hidden from ME, says the LORD. I will not criticize or condemn you, but I will forgive you and heal all of your wounds, even the self inflicted ones. I know you. I created you, and I desire you, says the LORD. Don’t hesitate

Never Reject You

I will never reject you or turn you away, says the LORD. I said whoever will may come to Me and eat freely and drink freely of the bread of life and the fountain of living water. Whoever calls upon My name shall be saved. I have not banished anyone from My fullness, and all that I have for one,

I Am the One

I AM the One who is keeping you night and day, says the Lord. Even when you sleep, I have a watchful eye over you. You are safe and secure in ME at all times. I do not change. Your care today and tomorrow is not more difficult for me than that of the past. I have lead you continually.

Open and Shut Doors

I Am the One Who will open and shut doors, says the LORD.  You have asked of ME. I will do it. No more confusion. No more questions. No more fear. No more doubt.  No more wrestling.  No more uncertainty.  I Am the ONE Who walks before you and I will prepare the WAY for YOU, says the LORD.  I

You Have a Purpose

You have a purpose.  I have placed it within you while you were in the womb of your mother. It has NOT changed, as I have not changed.  My purposes never change, says the LORD.  I have not changed My will or My plan or My Work concerning you.  I have called you and chosen you before you were even

Promotion and Advancement

Promotion and advancement comes from Me, says the LORD.  I AM the author of it and I Am the one Who gives good success as you keep My Word before Me and pursue Me.  I will position you and provide for you.  There is no good thing that I will withhold from you as you entrust Me to be the

You Are a Treasure

I have created you for my pleasure and you are a peculiar treasure unto Me, says the Lord.  I have invested in you My very life and breathed into you My own breath.  You are not unimportant and I have never abandoned you or neglected you.  I have make you in My own image to reflect My glory.  I have