Nothing is Impossible With GOD

There is nothing impossible with Me, says the Lord, and nothing beyond My power. I Am on task, and I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you as you place your faith and trust in Me. I Am not only a can do God, but I will! I will to heal you. I will go provision you. I will to help you. I will to bring you into your kingdom destiny in Me. I will. Just believe that I Am with you and not against you. Believe that I will not abandon you, and will not abandon My purposes that I have authored for your life. Believe that I will give you the desires of your heart. Believe that My grace and favor rests upon you this day. Believe that you are My prized possession, and there is nothing that I will not do for you that is good for you. Trust that I Am able and willing to bring you out of the bondage of sickness and weakness and disability and pain. Believe that I have Made you worthy to receive all the benefits that I purchased for you on the cross because of My shed blood for you. I said it is finished. You are complete IN ME! Without Me, you are incomplete, says the Lord.

Do not condemn yourself, and do not call yourself unclean, for what I have cleansed, and I have cleansed you by My shed blood, do not call unclean, says the LORD. Do not cheapen the value of My sacrifice for you by disqualifying yourself. I said whosoever ill may come and drink of the waters of life freely. I paid the price for you and took the penalty for your sin, and gave you My righteousness as you entrusted Me for this. Everything that I have for you as an entitled child awaits your receiving it by faith in Me. Here it is. Will you believe? Will you receive? I Am no respecter of persons, and it is because of My love for you that I supply all of your need. Trust in My goodness and mercy that endures forever. Trust that I cannot and will not change My mind. My everlasting Love is yours and every good and perfect gift comes from Me. It is For YOU, because I AM FOR YOU, and you belong to Me, says the Lord.

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