The Battle is Mine

The battle is Mine, says the LORD, and I have never lost a battle and there is no way that I will lose the war. I cannot be threatened, defeated or delayed. Nothing can keep Me back from My purposes and I have NO obstacles that can hinder Me or destroy My plans.  As you abide in Me, you will never suffer a set-back. You too will never lose a battle. You will never have one threat and there will be no postponements in your purpose in Me. I will always cause you to triumph in Me, for there is never any defeat.  Arm yourself In Me, for the weapons of your warfare are unsurpassed in ME.  The enemy will not be able to overrun you, and His weapons will be dismantled, says the LORD.

Stand up in unwavering faith in Me as a fully equipped warrior in Me and face the enemy, says the LORD.  Do not cower but posture yourself in full confidence that there is no way the enemy will invade your territory, take any captives or spoil your goods.  The enemy is not bigger than Me, and I Am in the midst of you.  I have rebuked the destroyer, and as you submit yourself to Me, stand fast and resist the enemy, you will watch him flee.  I will cause you to pursue the enemy, spoil his goods, push him back and you will raise My banner High and proclaim new territory for Me, Jehovah Nissi.  I call you undefeatable in Me as you trust that the enemy is not bigger than your God as you abide in Me, says the LORD.

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