The Harvest Is Plenteous

The harvest is plenteous, says the LORD. It is ripe now, and I long for you to engage in the work. Stop waiting for the opportunities, when I said to LOOK around you. There is a harvest in your home and family. There is a harvest in your assemblies. There is a harvest in your communities. There is a harvest all around, and it is plentiful. Engage in MY business, for the Work of My Kingdom is not idle. It is not some day, but today. Hear My voice today and put your hands to the plow. Take up the cycle. You are to plow, plant, water, cultivate and harvest all at the same time. I have placed you where you are for such a time as this. The time is now. The season is now. You have trained and been equipped to do My work that is in front of you. Use what I have given you and do not waste the opportunities that are always before you, says the LORD.

Do not wait for the spectacular while sitting idle, says the LORD. For the gifts and callings that you have that are without repentance only increase when you are using them. Do not become complacent. Stagnation is not what I Am about. Do not despise the days of small thing, for they are IMPORTANT. I Am a GOD of detail and not one shaft of wheat is to be left behind. If you will not steward the small well, you will not steward the greater. The winds of My Spirit are blowing, and shaking and stirring within you and upon you and around you, compelling you to Work. Do not look to where you will be going and the doors that will be opened for you when you have an open door now. You are standing on the grounds I have placed you now, and the steps that you take, I order. Do My Work where you are now placed and I will increase the opportunities for you that are beyond you present places you now occupy, says the LORD.

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