Look Ahead

Look ahead and not behind you, says the LORD. For the new that I create for you is in front of you and I do not need the material of the dead past and dead works and dead and dry end of season ground. I do not rehash anything or reinvent and I Am not about to reinvent you. I

The Harvest Is Plenteous

The harvest is plenteous, says the LORD. It is ripe now, and I long for you to engage in the work. Stop waiting for the opportunities, when I said to LOOK around you. There is a harvest in your home and family. There is a harvest in your assemblies. There is a harvest in your communities. There is a harvest

Open and Shut Doors

I Am the One Who will open and shut doors, says the LORD.  You have asked of ME. I will do it. No more confusion. No more questions. No more fear. No more doubt.  No more wrestling.  No more uncertainty.  I Am the ONE Who walks before you and I will prepare the WAY for YOU, says the LORD.  I

Everything That Exists

Is anything too hard for Me?  I created everything that exists; the things you see and the things you know nothing about. Even when you look into space through the best telescopic lenses you see very little of what I have created.  The ocean is full of mystery and undiscovered creatures.  How can you limit My ability in your life?