I Will Give You the Victory

I will give you the victory, for it is paid for in the finished work of the cross for you. says the LORD, I will give you peace of mind in Me. I will forgive your sin and pardon you. I will silence the voice of the enemy that is railing accusations against you and defend you on every side, for I have cleansed you with My blood and call you pure and Holy. I have given you My righteousness and you stand in righteousness and purity in ME. I Am here for you,  and I have heard your cry, and I have heard your prayer, and I will answer you. I know your pain and sorrow and Am come to deliver you. Rejoice!  Rejoice, for in My presence is fullness of joy, and you are fully entitled as My child to receive all that I prepared for you in My presence, says the LORD.

I will renew your strength in Me, and take your hand in Mine and lead you one step at a time, says the LORD. Trust in Me and do not fear, for I will keep you from falling. I know the way that you take and I will make you’re sure-footed, as I keep you steady on your feet. You will not fail nor fall.  In Me you firmly stand. You will not be overcome by the enemy, for He is no match for Me, and will not be a match for you as I Am for you, and will hold you up, and keep you at all times. Your victory is in Me, and I will honor you and glorify you in Me, says the LORD.

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