No Weakness in Me

There is no weakness in Me, says the Lord. Though you feel weak, know that it is not about what you can do in your own power or what you can be or what you can change or what you can impact. It is about Me.  I’m not only with you, but I Am within you. I Am the strength of your heart and life, and My strength is made perfect and complete in your weakness. Be strong in Me. Yes, be strong! For your strength is of Me. It is the irresistible power of My Spirit in you! It is unconquerable. It is unshakable. It is immovable. It is abounding. This is what I have proclaimed you to be. You will stand in My strength, and be compete in Me, says the Lord.

This is not someday or sometime, says the Lord. This is your now strength. This is your now power. This is your now position as you wait on Me. I will cause you to run and not grow weary. Let it not once be named among My remnant warriors that they are weary in well-doing. Let none of you become fainthearted! Let Me not need to ask you where your faith is. For I did not raise up an army of wimps that cower when that old serpent, the devil roars. I have given you a lion’s heart and a greater roar than his. His shout becomes a mere meow compared to Mine within you. Let out the roar! Let it erupt from you, for I Am the Lion of Judah. Let a holy violence come forth from you as you arise and fight the good fight of faith that will insure your victory in Me, says the Lord.

My warriors are undefeatable, says the Lord. They will not retreat when the enemy rages against them.   They are not a cowardly company, and they will not back down. They will not break rank, and they will not be intimidated with the courts of hell that cannot not prevail against them. They will do great feats for Me and break in two the weapons of the evil one, defeat and destroy his diabolical works, plunder his camp, release the captives and proclaim that I reign now upon the earth in new territory that they have conquered for My kingdom and raise up My banner. I Am calling you to be a mighty warrior and a mighty conqueror and a mighty overcomer.  Join the ranks of those Who will never retreat, never wave the white flag in surrender to the enemy, never give up, never cower, and never compromise, says the Lord.

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