Look Onto Me at All Times

Look onto Me at all times, says the Lord. For as you do, you will not sink in the mire and the clay. You will be steady on your feet and become steadfast, immovable, always abounding in My work. For many things are vying for your attention. Many voices are speaking that are like the contrary winds that are not propelling you forward, but endeavoring to hold you back. Be steadfast in your determination to follow Me. Make up your mind to listen to My still, small voice that leads. For I will not scream and holler at you. My voice is not going to thunder. The enemy roars. His cohorts roar. They rage and turn up the volume in an effort to fortify their distractions in your life. You must squelch them out. You cannot stop them, but you can resist them as you submit yourself totally unto Me, says the Lord.

Quiet yourself! Move away from the dictators and false authorities and the religious spirits that desire to keep you under thumb and corral you, says the Lord.  Move into the realm of My Spirit that is calling you into the secret place. Abide under My shadow. I have you covered. I have under girded you. I Am the Authority. I Am the voice that is on the inside of you. You will hear. You will know! I Am speaking in the stillness and the quietness as you abandon yourself to Me. You will recognize My voice, for I said My sheep will hear My voice and follow Me. A stranger they will not follow, but run from them. You will hear My voice when you still yourself, silence your own thoughts and the opinions of others as you run from the clamor, and come to Me. Come out from among them and separate yourself to Me in the secret place. You will gain direction. You will receive fresh new downloads from Me. You will learn of Me. I will show you things to come. I will give you great joy and peace as you come and enjoy fellowship and friendship with Me. You will know the way that you are to take and be able to resist the manipulative and controlling spirits that desire to keep you from your destiny. I await your response to My voice that is calling you to draw nearer to Me so that you can feel My heartbeat and hear My tender voice as I breathe into you fresh new life and refresh you in My presence, says the Lord.

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