Your Hope in Me Is Not Empty

Your hope in Me is not empty hope, but productive, says the Lord. Your trust in Me is not futile but will reap bountifully. For I Am trustworthy. I cannot and will not disappoint you, fail you, or forget you. I call you unforgettable. I will furnish a table before you in the presence of your enemies, and you will eat and drink of My abundant blessings upon blessings as they press their noses up against the glass and look, but cannot partake. Not only can they not enjoy what I have reserved for you, but they cannot touch you, either. I give them no place. You will not be defeated or destroyed by the enemy that threatens, but preserved and protected by Me, says the Lord.

Enjoy fellowship and friendship with Me as you are seated next to Me at the table, even as My beloved Servant John was. Put your head on My shoulder, even as he did, and let Me lavish My love on you.  I will whisper into your ear and tell you things to come. Listen. Feel My breath upon you and hear My heartbeat. Get close to Me and know that I Am your  friend that sticks closer than a brother. You are well-kept by Me and safe in My arms of love. Your destiny is Me, and My presence is the place, and as you press into My presence you will be pressing into Me, and you will have more than enough. I will bless you to be a blessing, and you will have My abiding comfort and peace and unspeakable joy. So come near to Me.  Come fellowship with Me.  Come and dine, says the Lord.

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