Never give up

I Will Be with You

I will be with you through the difficulties, says the Lord. Nothing takes Me by surprise and nothing hinders Me or delays Me. Nothing is without purpose in your life. Do not despair. I will help you in all situations and bring you to the safety of the other side even when the storms are so dark that you cannot advance on your own and cannot see your hand in front of your face. The enemy does not have you. I do! Keep your focus on Me and trust in Me at all times, for My purposes do not change, and My plan is still the same. Plan A is still on the table, and I do not have a plan B or C. I will fulfill My good Word and plan in your life, because I never say what I will not do. I perform My Word, for My will and Word and Work are always the same, changeless and infallible. I will bring you into the fullness of your destiny, fully provisioned and with full preparation for that which I have prepared for you. I always finish what I start and nothing can stop Me. I cannot be defeated, discouraged, delayed or dismayed, and neither will you be, says the Lord.

Link up with Me and know that as you do, you will experience Me as the unlimited power and authority all the time, says the Lord. I will furnish a table before you in the presence of the enemy and give you hidden treasures that go beyond your expectations, as the enemy presses his nose against the glass and cannot touch you or destroy you or the good things and the good work that I have begun in you. I always finish what I start, and I will complete you in Me as you faithfully place your hand in Mine and walk with Me. Trust and obey! It is always good and it is always on time. You will see! You will know! You have obtained favor from Me and it is not over, but I have a newness for you that will cause you to excel and forget the difficulties that you have encountered on the way for the glory that is to come. It will yet be revealed in My time, and you will yet rejoice in Me, says the Lord.

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