Inexhaustible Source

I Am your inexhaustible source for all things that you need and desire, says the Lord. There is never anything that I cannot supply, and there is never any limitations. I will not withhold anything good from you. I will not leave you out or leave you behind. There is no exception to My promise when I said, Whosoever will may come and drink of the waters of life freely. You will not hunger nor thirst, for you are welcome to eat and drink freely at My table. I have prepared My table for you in My presence, and you do not have to wait for an invitation. This is where you belong! You have the right to come boldly into My presence and receive all things that you need, says the Lord.

I daily load you with benefits, says the Lord! Benefits! I Am not the source of pain and sickness and disease and poverty. I came to give you abundant life and to set you free from bondage. I came to loose you from your infirmities and give you good things to enjoy. I Am not the author of difficulties that you face. The enemy is. I Am the One that is on your side to bring you certain victory, every time. Do not credit Me with the negative things that you are facing, for I do not cause you sickness and pain so that I can heal you. I didn’t give you problems just to prove to you that I can solve them. I only have good gifts for you, and will bring you through every difficulty and give you My abiding peace as you entrust Me with your care, for I care for you, says the Lord.

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