Cloud Without Water

I Am not a cloud without water, says the Lord. Others have promised you things that they did not keep. They have spoken lies to you even in My name that did not happen. They did not back their covenants and did not keep their word and did not do as they had said. But I Am not that way. I will rain down My Spirit upon you! I will pour you out unspeakable blessings that you cannot contain. I Am a keeper of My Word. I will not go back on My promises to you. I will not break covenant with you. I will do just as I said, for I cannot lie. I cannot forget My Word that I have spoken to you, and it shall become your tangible reality. For I watch over My word to perform it, and My words shall never fall to the ground. My word shall not return unto Me, void and empty, but it shall accomplish exactly what I sent it forth to do for you, with you and through you, by My Spirit, says the Lord.

I will honor My word,  I will honor My own Name, and I will go further than that, says the Lord. I will honor all those who honor My Name and honor My Word. For none who put their trust in Me will ever be empty or overlooked. They will be My vessels of honor that I will work through and empower to bring in the harvest for My kingdom. For I Am your Sovereign, and My will aligns with My Word, and My will shall be done in you as I have made known onto you. You will not miss it. For even every punctuation mark in My Word will be revealed and fulfilled. Nothing will go undone, and you rejoice in all that I Am in you by My Spirit. Though you weep now, you will laugh. Though you wait now, you will rejoice in the fullness of the vision that I have given you. For none that waits on Me will be disappointed, and none that put their expectation upon Me shall be denied any good thing. For good is My word, and My work is the same. I will perform it, and none can stop me, delay it, or deny My working of My word on your behalf. For even as the sun rises and sets in its prescribed time, so shall My word, My faithful word, come to pass in the times and seasons that I have preset, and no power can interfere with what I will accomplish for you as you trust in Me and wait on Me, says the Lord.

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