Death Will Be Swallowed Up in Victory

Death will be swallowed up in victory, says the Lord. I Am the resurrection and the life. As you mourn over the death of your hopes and dreams and have visited the tombs where you have laid them to rest, know that I will revisit you with new hope. There is going to be a mighty shaking. There is going to be a great sound. The fractured will be healed. The disconnected, dry bones will come together. That which was decayed and lost will be built and again begin to take on shape, says the Lord.

Prophecy to the wind, says the Lord. Prophecy. Speak life. Speak hope. Speak and decree that death and defeat and disappointment and impossibility are not the end and new life and revival and a new beginning is coming. Prophecy to the winds of My Spirit to blow upon the lost and hopeless and broken dreams. I will breathe into you new life and revive you. You will rebuild the old waste places as I visit the former desolations, and raise them up for My glory. It is not over and done with, for I have ordered a new beginning, and life and vitality will be restored, says the Lord.

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