Fiery Trials

You will not remain in the fiery trials of afflictions forever, says the Lord. I will bring you through them with great success, and your faith will be stronger. You will be stronger than ever before as you have endured hard things. I have not put you in the fire, but I will bring you out. I will empower you as I put My fire in you. You will never be the same. For what has stretched you will enlarge you. What has taxed you will only strengthen you. What has caused you grief will only be turned into joy. I will turn things around for you, and you will no longer sorrow or reel in pain. What the enemy purposed for evil will backfire in his face as I turn your tribulation into a blessing, says the Lord.

My voice will shatter the mountains and break through the iron bars that have held you in bondage, says the Lord. I will penetrate the darkness that is around you with the light of My glory and brighten up your life in Me. The days of your sorrow will end as I bring healing and deliverance to you. Trust that I Am on task and on time. For you will sing the joyful songs of deliverance and forget the pain of your past as you enter into your personal promised land of blessing, says the Lord.

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