Fiery Trials

You will not remain in the fiery trials of afflictions forever, says the LORD. I will bring you through them with great success and your faith will be stronger. You will be stronger than ever before as you have endured hard things. I have not put you in the fire, but I will bring you out. I will empower you

I Will Fulfill

God will Fulfill

My goodness and mercy will not depart from My remnant warriors, says the LORD. Though you have been in the fiery trials of your faith, you will not be defeated. You are not a castaway. I will not side-step you, ignore you or turn you away. I will use you for My glory and give you abundant grace. I will

Fiery Trials

There are many, many that I have allowed to go into the fiery trials of affliction, not to destroy them, but to show them My grace and protection and power, says the LORD. For you are not alone. Just as I was with the three Hebrew Children in the fiery furnace, I not only put them on display, but I