I Created with My Word

I created with the word of My mouth, says the Lord. When I spoke, I did not have to repeat it. I did not say, “Let there be light,” again and again. I spoke, and it was done. I commanded, and it was performed. I watch over My word to perform it. I do not have to say what I have already said so that it will come to pass. I will do exactly what I spoke, for My Word is the truth. I cannot change it, and what I say, I do! What I promise, I will fulfill. Nothing can alter Me or My infallible Word. For My word is My will, and My work will always be performed accordingly to what I have declared, says the Lord.

I do not remain silent and I Am speaking and decreeing and declaring now, says the Lord. I create the new by My mouth. Let My now word be in your heart and mouth, and speak it even as I do, and watch Me perform it in the midst of you. You can repeat after Me, but you too do not have to say it again and again and again and again and again to make it happen. For it is not up to you to make My Word work. I honor My word, and I will do it by Myself as you speak the Word of faith, believe Who I Am and what I have said. Believe in My promises and embrace them. Speak them and believe they will become your material, tangible reality. For My word in your mouth will be performed. Let My word be your word, and My Work will then become your work, and My thoughts will become your thoughts as you align with Me and entrust the performing of My Word and work to Me, Who will do it, says the Lord.

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