Let My Spirit Move

Let My Spirit move as I want to move, says the Lord. Don’t put a cap on My Spirit or try to contain Me, for I do not fit in a box, and I will not be controlled by religious spirits and the doctrines of man. I will not act according to man-made standards, but have My Own. I do not answer to the command of others, and cannot conform to their will and wishes. For I Am a mighty king, and I will not be subject to any. I will move for those who relinquish control and let Me do the leading. Follow Me! I will act as the Sovereign and govern as I will. I will come in My splendor and radiant glory and power for those who are longing for Me, and waiting for Me to act, says the Lord.

I will revive and restore all who hope in Me and make Me their Lord. For I Am the Lord of glory, and I will come in power and glory, says the Lord. I will not be weak, nor will I come empty handed. I will more than fulfill your expectation as you have trusted all to Me. Open up your hearts and prepare them as a habitation for Me, as you rid yourselves of all pride and vain glory, and Make Me the center of attention. I will move in the midst of you and do great and marvelous things in your sight, and you will then know that My awesome glory has returned onto My house, as I fill My house with My glory and power, and ignite and excite you as in the former days.  I will pour out My Spirit afresh upon you and baptize you in My fire, as I revive, refresh, restore and renew you, says the Lord.

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