Revival Fire

Get ready for revival, says the LORD. Get ready for the outpouring of My Spirit and My glory. For I will pour out My fire and My glory. I will astound you with My power. I will be on display, for I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you. I will do great and might things in your

Go Deeper in the Realm of My Spirit

My deep is calling for your deep, says the LORD. GO DEEPER in the realm of MY Spirit. It is time to relinquish the mundane and boring and worldly advice of others and enter into the supernatural. For the natural things are governed by My supernatural voice. For what I say will be done. My voice of many waters is

Walk in My Spirit

Walk in My Spirit, says the LORD. For I have given you My wisdom, counsel and understanding. You will see and know and understand what you could not before. Just embrace it. Receive new revelation this day, as I reveal My greater glory to you. For I will show you things to come. I will share My heart with you.

I Will Fill You with My Spirit

Come hungry, come thirsty, come into My presence empty and with expectation, says the LORD. For I will fill you with My Spirit and satisfy the longing of your soul. I will pour out blessings upon blessings upon you and you will not have the capacity to contain it. I will overfill, and you will overflow with My power. I

Let My Spirit Move

Let My SPIRIT move as I want to move, says the LORD. Don’t put a cap on My Spirit or try to contain Me, for I do not fit in a box and I will not be controlled by religious spirits and the doctrines of man. I will not act according to man-made standards, but have My own. I do

It Is by My Spirit

It is by My SPIRIT in you, says the LORD, that you are enabled to do all things. My Spirit will lead you, will train you, will equip you, will help you, will remind you and will empower you. There is no end, even as My kingdom is without end. There is a higher place than you have come, and

Nothing Is Too Hard for Me

Is what you are going through too hard for you? Nothing is too hard for Me, says the LORD. As you walk in Me, walk in My light, walk in My Spirit, walk in My strength, walk in My Love and walk in My grace, walk in My faith, you will not become weary. You will not be overwhelmed. You

Breathe in My Spirit

Take a deep breath, and breathe in My SPIRIT, says the LORD. It is LIFE GIVING. It is empowering. For the winds of My SPRIIT are blowing and as I have brooded over the face of deep, the waters, I brought Life. I have healed them. I have brooded over them by My Spirit to bring life and vitality. LIVE

I Am Moving in You

I Am moving in you, around you and will move through you, says the LORD. Agitation is not aggravation. My Spirit in you is MOVING, it is stirring within you and taking away the stagnation. Let it come up out of you as a well-spring. For I desire the springs of LIVING WATER to bubble up and burst out of

Depths of My Spirit

I Am calling you into the depths of MY SPIRIT, says the Lord. Too many are walking on the beach, viewing the waters, breathing in the sea breezes and picking up empty shells of what was once alive and vibrant. This is not what I want you to do. Many others get their feet wet, but never go further. Some