My Burden Is Light

Do not become weary in your labors for me, for My yoke is easy, says the Lord. My burden is light. I desire you to walk in Me. Walk in My strength. Walk in My Spirit. Walk in My love. Walk in My light. Walk in My Counsel. Walk in My truth! Walk in complete faith and confidence in Me. Walk in My fullness. I Am filling you with My Spirit and giving you great grace. I Am the ultimate enabler, and will cause you to conquer and overcome as you live and move and have your being in Me. I Am your everything, and I have fully clad you with My armor. I have empowered you to stand and not fall. I have equipped you with My best gifts and given you commission. I have opened the door for you that no man can shut. I Am leading you and guiding you with My eye! Your labors are not in vain in Me, but you will reap a bountiful harvest of all the good works that you have done, says the Lord.

It is not over,  and I Am not finished with you yet, nor Am I finished working in and through you, says the Lord. But I will bring you over. I will see you through. I have made you an over comer, and you will not be overrun or overcome by the dark one who desires to sift you as wheat. I have prayed for you that your faith fails not. Now stand up and face the enemy head on, and take your rightful position in Me as a Warrior child that is productive in Me. Stand in Me as the undefeatable one that I have equipped you to be by My Spirit. You are not fighting against flesh and blood. It is not about people, places and things. It is not about earthly dominions or principalities. It is not circumstances. It is a warfare against darkness, and the light that I have given you is greater than any darkness that you will encounter. For My light penetrates and dispels darkness and destroys the works of the evil one. I have fully equipped you to break through the enemy camp and destroy his diabolical works, defeat the darkness with My marvelous light in you, and to release those who are bound, and to recover all that the enemy has taken from you. You are a mighty conquer and an over comer in Me by My infallible Spirit in you, and I call you victorious, says the Lord.

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