My Word is Accurate and On Time

My Word is accurate and on time, says the Lord. For there will be a performance of all that I say. I will do it exactly as I said I would, for I will dot every “I,” cross every “T,” and not forget any punctuation mark. I Am precise. I Am thorough. You do not have to perform what I have said I will do. You do not have to complicate it by trying to make it happen. It is not up to you to force My word to work, for I will do it by Myself for the honor and glory of My own name, and I need no help. This way I will receive all the glory, and get the credit for it that I will not share with another, says the Lord.

I will not promise something that I cannot do, says the Lord.  Will I speak life and then allow death? Will I authorize and activate you just to shut you up, sit you down, and lock you out? I will not. For how can I nullify My own commands? How can I become an enemy to My own will and plan? I will not sabotage My own work and Will and Word. Why would I encourage you, just to nullify it and ultimately discourage you by not performing what I promised? This is not how I work. I will bring to birth in you what I have caused you to conceive. I will carry out all My plans. There will be no miscarriage, no still births, no aborting what I have said. For you will embrace the promises that I have declared, and you will laugh, even as Sarah of old laughed when Isaac was born. She did not laugh when she conceived. She did not laugh when she carried him. She did not laugh as she was giving birth; she laughed when she held him in her arms. Even though you have wept through the long night and waited for the dawning of a new day, the morning light will come, the tears will be dried,  and the joy will come as you embrace the promises that I have given you, says the Lord.

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