My Truth Endures Forever

The lies of the enemy cannot prevail, says the LORD. I will expose them. I will reveal the hidden agenda of the foe that operates in deceit, manipulation and extortion. That is not going to last for long. For MY TRUTH endures forever. I can never lie, never lose and nothing can stand in My way. I Am the WAY,

I Keep My Word!

My Word is truth, and I keep my promises, says the LORD. Trust in what I say, for I never say something to bate you. I never do anything manipulative, and I do not tease you. Can you take Me at My Word? For I will honor My Word, and I will perform exactly what I said, and there is

My Word

My Word is accurate and on time, says the LORD. For there will be a performance of all that I say. I will do it exactly as I said I would, for I will dot every “I” cross every “T” and forget any punctuation mark. I Am precise. I Am thorough. You do not have to perform what I have

I Am a God of Detail

I Am a GOD of detail, says the LORD. I do things right! There is nothing that I do that is imperfect. I work in the seen and the unseen. I do what is known and unknown. I fit everything precisely in order and there are no missing links or elements. Everything is in decency and order that I do.

Rebuke the Destroyer

I will reverse the reversals in your life, says the LORD. I will rebuke the destroyer, that evil one who has pressed against you with one trouble after another. I Am your defense. I AM! I will be a trouble maker to the enemy that has fought long and hard against you on every side. I will mock the mocker

Do Not Be Distracted

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the tactics of the enemy, says the Lord.  Do not allow yourself to condescend to his negative thoughts that just generate unbelief and despair.  I have given you My Spirit of truth, and that is what I want you to focus on. Do not listen to the lies of the dark one, for that will only lead you