Precious in My Sight

You are precious in My sight, like a pearl of great price, says the Lord,  I value you, greatly. Those who belittle you and condemn you are coming against Me, for you are Mine, and I laid down My life for you! I have given unto you My best gifts, and I would not do that for someone that I do not love! You are the apple of My eye! You are My prized possession! I created you for My pleasure, and have given you everything that pertains to life. I have not and will not keep anything from you that is good. No, not one good thing will I withhold from you. I will not withdraw from you. When I said I Am with you always, believe what I said. When I say you are My beloved, trust My Word! Trust that you are special, and there is no power that can pluck you out of My hand. I Am not auctioning you off to the highest bidder.  I bought you with a great price to keep you. You are not for sale at any price! Trust your value in My kingdom, and that My purpose for you is important. You are not insignificant, and I will never overlook you. What I accomplish on earth will not be done without you. I have called you. I have chosen you. I have ordained you. I said you would be productive. Your field of labor will bear much fruit, says the Lord.

You are going in the right direction toward your destiny in Me, says the Lord.  I Am forging the way for you so that the steps will be easy, and you will not stumble or fall. I will enlighten the way by the countenance of My own face. Yes, I Am leading the way, brightening the path, and I say, “Follow Me!” My voice will always direct you as I whisper, “This is the way; walk in it!” It is a good way, a path of righteousness. It is the path of life, abundant life in Me! This path will take you to your highest level of joy and peace. No path that I prepare for you is filled with sorrow and woe. That is not My idea of an easy yoke and light burden, for you to be encumbered with a heavy, unbearable load and, stressed with more than you can handle. Just trust Me, My precious one! I have given you My life, and you will be very fulfilled, as you totally give Me yours. When you lose yourself to Me, you will find yourself on the highest level of dreams come true, and have complete entitlement to receive all that I purchased for you by the finished work of the cross, says the Lord.

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