There Will Be Winners and Losers!

My grace is sufficient for you, says the Lord. It is never less than you need, but greater than you will ever need in any situation that you face. I Am more than enough for you. Yes, more than you can imagine, more than you need, more than you ask Me for, more than you envision, more than you thought, and more than your enemies expected. Surprise, surprise, says the Lord. The surprise is a double edged sword. I will defeat the enemy and empower you with the sword of My Spirit, My Word, that will always be a good Word and a good work for you, and a Word of victory and not defeat, and a Word that destroys the diabolical works of the enemy. Just as I parted the Red Sea for My people to cross over safely to the other side, the enemy thought to use that path. It was a path of salvation for My beloved children, and a path of death for their enemies. Look for the path that I will create for you, for I will surely make a way for you, even as the enemy follows hard after you. There will be no defeat and no retreat for you, but even though they will not retreat, and arrogantly pursue, you will see their defeat. As surely as I live, you will live to see the light of a new day. The darkness will dissipate, and the new day will be bright and beautiful. You will rejoice in Me as I cause you to embrace the new that I create for you, says the Lord.

Do not despair, for nothing will destroy My workmanship in you that is powerful, productive and proficient, says the Lord. For I cannot do anything that is imperfect, and I will do exactly what I have said I will do for you! I will perfect that which concerns you, and you will be plenteous in good works, and you will laugh again. You will not cry any more, but you will shout for joy. For I will turn your sorrow into joy, and your battle scars will turn into trophies, and instead of feeling pain, you will have the evidence of overcoming. Just as My nail scarred hands are the proof that I have overcome the world, so you will show the scars and have the proof that although you battled long and hard, you won the battle and won the war as I have empowered you to do, says the Lord.

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