Don’t be angry, says the Lord. For it will endeavor to destroy your peace and rob you from the Joy that you have in Me.  Let My peace invade your thoughts, as you bring every illegitimate thought into captivity and keep them from invading your life and controlling your happiness.  For anger will not accomplish what you desire to see happen. But My peace will. My comfort and joy will bring you into a greater calm, as you focus on Me.  Let your meditation and thoughts be upon Me, says the Lord.

Know that I Am a God of justice, says the Lord.  I Am righteous, and I do all things well. Let me handle the problems and removed the pain from your heart and soul. I will heal your emotions and mend your fractured life and broken heart. I did not break it, but I will fix it.  I did not authorize pain and sickness and wounds of the soul. But I did send My Word to heal and deliver you.  I do justice and judgment, and I do have the final say in everything, for I Am the Sovereign.  I will work everything out for you for your good, as you entrust your life to Me.  You will see that what the enemy meant for evil, I will turn it around for your good. So be glad and not angry, for the good things are coming, and in the end, they will speak and not lie, says the Lord.

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