I Will Calm the Internal Storms

Confusion is not of Me, says the LORD. I will correct you by enlightening the path ahead of you, and lifting the fog so that you can see it. You need not run around in circles, getting nowhere, as you are indecisive and frustrated and fretting about decisions that are boggling your mind. Wisdom and counsel and understanding comes from

I Will Heal Your Emotions and Broken Heart

   Don’t be angry, says the LORD. For it will endeavor to destroy your peace and rob you from the Joy that you have in Me.  Let My peace invade your thoughts, as you bring every illegitimate thought into captivity and keep them from invading your life and controlling your happiness.  For anger will not accomplish what you desire to

Let Your Mind Be at Ease

Let your mind be at ease as you focus your attention upon Me and away from the cares of your life, says the LORD. For I desire you to stop! Look up to ME! Listen now to My Voice that is reassuring you! For I want you to walk in a calm, quiet, confident faith and trust in ME! Settle