I Will Quiet Your Fears

I Am your peace, and I will quiet your fears, and bring you a calmness that defies your circumstances as you entrust your total care to me, regardless of what is happening around you, says the Lord. Let nothing overwhelm you. Let nothing cause you to fear. Let Me be your total fear, and trust in My love and attentiveness to you. For you are in My care. You are in My holy hands that formed you for a purpose. You are a special creation that I have designed and fit perfectly into My kingdom for such a time as this. I have planted you as a righteous tree, that cannot be uprooted, says the Lord.

The storms will come and go, but you will still be standing, says the Lord. You will not be snapped in two by the winds of adversity. You will not be uprooted. You will not topple over. You will not be displaced or destroyed. My life is in you. My light is in you. I Am with you in the storms, and I will keep you, and secure you, and hold you up, and keep you from falling. Trust that you are safe, and you will not just weather the storms, but you will defy them! For I Am with you, and will be your shelter, your provider, and your faithful Savior and deliverer. Trust that nothing can destroy the Work of My hands, and you are My workmanship, and in My hands that created you for My purpose, My glory, and My pleasure, says the Lord.

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