Friendly Fire
September 20, 2017

Friendly Fire

A few months ago, as I was waking, the LORD spoke to me and said that many of His people are wounded and killed by friendly fire. We all have heard of Christians beating up other Christians who have fallen into sin by judgment and condemnation, rather than trying to pull them up. But this is not what He was conveying. He said that the weapons that He had armed us with are to be used against the enemy, not the body of Christ. The Sword of the Spirit that is in the mouth of the saints is to be used to combat the enemy. The Word of GOD is to equip us to win the lost, not to beat up and destroy the people of GOD. It is not that we cannot preach and teach the Word of GOD that brings correction and conviction to the believers, but many have personally attacked others by using this sword rather than approaching with the LOVE and COMPASSION of Christ. Condemnation is not a tool of the HOLY SPIRIT. Conviction is. So many LOOK DOWN on the fallen, or wounded or entrapped. Christ came to save the LOST SHEEP. He pours in the oil and the wine of HIS Spirit into the wounds, and does not use the sword to cut and destroy and kill. That is for the enemy, and not the sheep. So many feel obligated to point to sin rather than the Savior. Looking onto Jesus is not looking onto the weakness and sinfulness of others.

A critical spirit is not a compassionate one. Christ came to save the LOST, even when it is someone who lost their way. He did not shame them or condemn them or damn them. He did not come to point to their sin, but eradicate it and point them to the way. He came as light in darkness, victory in defeat, healing in sickness, and deliverance. There is none of that in critical and condemning. You can say, Whom the LORD loves, he rebukes, he chastises. We are not abused by Him, but embraced by Him. Our hearts feel conviction, not condemnation. We are not sickened or weakened or destroyed by Him. HE came to heal, repair, restore. Also we are not called to chastise and rebuke. This is not our position or responsibility. God did not give us the sword of the SPIRIT to wound and kill the sheep.

He used the example of Goliath and told me that the stone stunned him and knocked him down, and David cut his head off with Goliaths own sword. He said that this is being done in the church. People see those who are stunned and fallen, and take the sword out of their own sheath to would and destroy them when they are fallen flat on their faces on the ground and weakened. This is brutality. The sword that was to destroy the works of the devil is not to be used against the body of CHRIST. Combat the enemy, not the troops. A fallen soldier needs a physician, not a critic. The Word of GOD is a fire and sword. The Word is not to be used to abuse and wound and manipulate and control others. So often, for example, when a person is an abuser, they will say things like, “You have to forgive Me. You have to Love Me.” The Word is not to manipulate and abuse and use a person or whip them. Love is a gift of GOD. IT comes from GOD.

The Word of GOD is priceless and precious. We use the sword to combat the enemy and reach, not repel. We do not need that precious healing Word to abuse and destroy. Yes, we must forgive and love our enemies. HE Did not say friend your enemies. Loving enemies does not mean you have to be abused by them, controlled by them and fellowship with them. To love and forgive can entail blessing them that curse you and releasing them, and moving on. Your forgiveness does not mean you have to invite them into your heart and life to harm you. This is not the duty of love and forgiveness. Love is a gift from GOD. Do not allow others to take the things that GOD has given you to build up and edify and comfort others to become a sword in your own heart (taking it from you and stabbing you with it). That love is to be an extension of GOD’s love, but not to harm and manipulate and abuse YOU. This is what He said. For the Word of GOD that is quick, means LIFE GIVING, not death inducing. It is not a wounding word, but a healing Word, for He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction. That is not to destroy or kill, the purpose of Satan, but to heal and repair. Let your love and compassion be a gift that gives according to the grace of GOD and not used to wound, destroy and manipulate and control you.

Your love is precious and priceless. Your faith is greater than pure gold that perishes. The WORD of GOD is pure. The Sword reaches the heart, to heal it, not to destroy it. When one is down, stunned by the events of life and enemy fire, it is not appropriate to use the gifts and love and compassion and Word of GOD to wound them. IT IS A TIME to build up and heal. It is a time to do the Work of GOD, and not confuse it with the work of the enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy. Let us not take the goodness of others and trample it under foot as well as those who love. They are that pearl of great price, not to be trampled on, but to be embraced, honored and celebrated as GOD’s prized possessions.

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