Mind Those Things That Are Above

My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are an open invitation for you to come up higher and change your own mindset, says the LORD. Do not wrap yourself in the things that you now see, hear, and the bad news that desires to absorb and dominate your own thoughts. I have given you MY MIND, and My infallible, unchanging Word, and you can live above rather than beneath. Walk in My Spirit, and mind those things that are above that which is earthly and sensual that desires to dominate you and control you, says the LORD.

You do not have to bow, bend, and kneel to the social media, systems, and things that are negative, gloomy, judgmental, harassing, and intimidating, says the LORD. They only gender strife that is without and within. You are called to higher ground, to live in My presence and enjoy the peace that I have purchased for you, every moment of your earthly sojourn, says the LORD. Come out of that darkness that I have delivered you from, and focus on the KINGDOM PURPOSE that I have given you, rather than earthly things that will pass away. I have given you a new name, transformed you, planted you into My kingdom that is without end, and your purpose is eternal, unchanging, powerful, productive and always bright, as I surround you with Light, fill you with LIGHT, and have made you LIGHT. Walk in that Light and dare to walk above and let My Word that is light order your steps, guide you, and become YOU, says the LORD.

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