I Am Planning, Purposing, Preparing and Protecting

The unseen far exceeds the seen that I have done for you, for I Am a faithful, loving Father to you, says the LORD You cannot even begin to calculate My blessings that I have already given, and you cannot even fathom what I have laid up in store for you, that far exceeds your greatest expectations. You cannot see

Trust in God’s Timing

I will never withhold anything good from you, says the LORD. Your times are in MY HANDS. Trust My timing. Trust My positioning. Trust My preparations as I prepare a place for you. Trust that I will open doors for you and close those that are harmful. Let your heart be free of questions concerning My care for you. My

Do Not Despair


Though the way seems difficult, do not despair, says the LORD. I will make a way for you and open new doors for you. Trust that I will not abandon you and leave you to deal with things on your own. I will always order your steps, one at a time, and enlighten the path ahead of you. You will