I will never withhold anything good from you, says the LORD. Your times are in MY HANDS. Trust My timing. Trust My positioning. Trust My preparations as I prepare a place for you. Trust that I will open doors for you and close those that are harmful. Let your heart be free of questions concerning My care for you. My plans for you are only good. My thoughts that are higher than yours are better for you than your highest heart’s desire, says the LORD.

When You become fearful and unbelieving, you are only making your own self miserable, says the LORD. If you are impatient, as I go before you and put things in place for you, you will only become wrestles and discontent. You will not even enjoy what I have blessed you with as you make your needs and desires your pursuit and priority rather than allowing Me to lead you in My path of righteousness before you that will give you fulfillment and joy, without sorrow and encumbrances, says the LORD.

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