I Am Planning, Purposing, Preparing and Protecting

The unseen far exceeds the seen that I have done for you, for I Am a faithful, loving Father to you, says the LORD You cannot even begin to calculate My blessings that I have already given, and you cannot even fathom what I have laid up in store for you, that far exceeds your greatest expectations. You cannot see what I see or know what I know or understand as I do, but this you can be confident in: I Am on task, on time, and you are in My precise care, always, says the LORD.

Trust that I cannot change, even when circumstances do, says the LORD. Others may disappoint you, abuse you and disrespect you, but I am not able to do that. You can rely on Me, always. I Am aware of you. I know what you need. I Am way ahead of you, planning, purposing, preparing the way and protecting you and those you entrust to My care. I have better than microscopic sight, and the light of My WORD and SPIRIT in you is more penetrating and precise and powerful than a laser. I never miss the mark, and you will have my continual, meticulous care as you come to Me as a dependent child and place your complete trust in Me, says the LORD.

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