Daily Devotional: Deliver and Preserve

Thank you, Lord, that you will deliver me from every evil work, and you will preserve me in this life from all of the on slot of the enemy that cannot defeat me. You have given me a permanent position in your heavenly kingdom that is without end, and I have everlasting and abundant life in you, now and forever.

Daily Devotional: God Keeps His Word

Lord, We thank you for your infallible Word that is true, unchangeable, dependable, and powerful. You will keep your word and bring us out o trouble that is on every side. For your Word never passes away, It is true for every generation, and for me, know matter what I face or what lies ahead. You will honor your Word

Daily Devotional: Preserved from Evil

Thank you, Lord, for keeping us from all evil and preserving our souls as we entrust our lives to you. You keep us from harm’s way, wherever we are, wherever we go, and whatever we do, because you are with us to secure us, keep us safe, help us in our daily tasks, and keep us well, because of your

Prepared, Preserved and Reserved Provision

Everything that you need has been laid up in store for you, says the LORD. There is nothing that is not already prepared, already reserved, and already preserved for you. No one can steal what I have placed your name on, and there will be no counterfeit blessings. Everything is authentic, priceless, precious and perfect. I design and hand craft

Hidden Treasures Revealed

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, says the Lord. That includes My hidden treasures. I will make them manifest to you. I have reserved and preserved them for you to release them to you to equip you for the purposes that I have ordained for your Life. You will never be without anything that you need. You

You are Special!

     You are not an accident or an “oops,” but a special creation, says the Lord.  I made you meticulously.  Before your conception, I know you, and celebrated your birth with My heavenly host of angels.  They sang at your birth, even as they sang at Mine, for they knew your kingdom purpose and your eternal position in Me.