Everything that you need has been laid up in store for you, says the LORD. There is nothing that is not already prepared, already reserved, and already preserved for you. No one can steal what I have placed your name on, and there will be no counterfeit blessings. Everything is authentic, priceless, precious and perfect. I design and hand craft every blessing that I create for you that will completely fulfill your unique purpose. Just as I have made you special, and no one can take your place or be like you, so it is with what I furnish you with, says the LORD.

I do all things well, and the hidden treasures that are there for you will be discovered, right at the very moment I have authorized their release. I AM always on time, and as you entrust your total well-being to Me, you will not lack any good thing. As you wait on Me and allow Me to lead you and direct you into the perfect place and plan that I have for you, you will come into mature faith that will cause you to rest in any circumstance that you face, knowing that I am on task, on time, and always that ever-present help in times of your trouble.

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