You are not an accident or an “oops,” but a special creation, says the Lord.  I made you meticulously.  Before your conception, I know you, and celebrated your birth with My heavenly host of angels.  They sang at your birth, even as they sang at Mine, for they knew your kingdom purpose and your eternal position in Me.  I sang over you as well, and sent My angels to protect you and preserve you for such a time as this, says the Lord.

Celebrate life, says the Lord.  For as you have chosen Me, I have given you abundant life.  I have prepared My table for you in My presence, where you can eat and drink and become fully nourished and satisfied with the things I have prepared for those who love Me. Know that I love to give good gifts onto My children, and I love to love you.  I love to provide for you. I love to protect you, and I love to have fellowship with you.  I love to share My counsel with you and lavish my goodness upon you.  For you are My beloved child, and I have need of you. You will not be forgotten nor forsaken, but you will complete every assignment that I have ordained for your life, as I empower and equip you and lead you into your full destiny purpose in My kingdom, says the Lord.

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