Shall Not be Moved

Unshakable and Immovable

I have made you unshakable and immovable, says the Lord. I have made you strong in Me and the power of My might.  You never have to be tossed around by the winds of adversity!  Torrents of the storms of life never have to knock you down.  I Am the sure foundation that you stand firmly upon all the time.  Floods of the enemy attack cannot destroy you.  You will not be washed away or drown by them.  Storms of life will come, but they will not blow you away.   They will not destroy your house that is built upon Me. Solid and secure, there is nothing that can defeat you.  After the storms are over, you will still be standing.  Your household will be saved.  You are safe in Me as you build upon Me.  Nothing will be shifted off your foundation upon Me.  Others will fall and fail as they place their faith and trust in other things.  But as you entrust your life to Me, I will keep you.  Not only will you be saved, but your loved ones.  The storms in life will not destroy your family and those you entrust to Me.  I Am the keeper of all that pertains to you, says the Lord.

Do not fear!  As you look at the forecast of the economy, your heart could faint for fear of those things that are predicted, or you could choose to steady yourself in Me, says the LORD.  What do you choose?  Will you listen to the bad news that is circulating all around you, or will you trust in My care? I promised to supply all your need according to My riches, My inexhaustible supply that is in My glory.  I made the silver and the gold, and I know exactly where it is.  I made you, and I know where you are.  I always know what you need and I will supply it as you place your trust in Me all the time, says the LORD.

I never promised that you would not face adversity, says the LORD.  I promised that you would prevail.  I never promised that you would not have your faith tested.  I promised that you would triumph every time.  I have equipped you to be victorious.  I have prepared you to be a valiant warrior.  I have already declared the outcome.  You win.  The enemy loses.  You are undefeated. He was defeated before he ever attempted to assault you.  I Am with you, and under you is an unshakable, immovable foundation that keeps you and everyone of your household standing and remaining unscathed after the worst attacks of the enemy and the most violent storms of life.  I Am with you always, and I declare you to be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in My work, as you place  your full trust in Me, says the Lord.

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