Listen to the Good News That Comes from Me

Listen to the good news that comes from Me, says the Lord.  I Am the author of good things!  The report that comes from My thrown is good, and I have a few good news casters. Remember that I told you to think on good things, for where your thoughts are, that is the direction you will go.  Think on good things!  Dwell on that which is a lovely report!  Trust in My provision for you!  Trust in My presence in your life!  Trust in My higher thoughts and ways!  Trust in My love for you!  I Am good all the time.  My goodness and mercy endures forever!  The negative troubling voices that surround you are produced from the fearful and the unbelieving. I want you to have unquenchable faith in Me, says the Lord.

Remember the twelve spies that were sent to scout out the promised land of old?  Only two gave a good report.  The ten caused fear to spread like wild fire throughout the camp of My people, says the LORD.  The ten who gave a bad report were My people.  Many of My people today are speaking fear and unbelief.  Fear has torment!  I Am not tormenting My children with negative thoughts and fearful imaginations.  I Am the author of faith.  The ten spies could only see the giants, the seemingly insurmountable walls and the iron chariots.  Yes, they confessed that the land was full of milk and honey as I had told them, but they could not believe that I had given them the land to possess.  I want you to possess the land of your promise. I Am good for it!  I would never give you an unattainable promise!  I would never send you to possess what I have purposed and granted you just to have you destroyed in the process.  My promises include provision.  My promises provide all that is needed to possess what I have birthed within you.  Iron chariots, giants and walls are nothing to ME.  What I call for you to possess, I fully guarantee your success regardless of the enemy.  The enemy cannot defeat Me, so it cannot defeat you, says the Lord.

Always listen to My voice, says the Lord, and shut off the negative reports that are given by the majority.  Listen to My report.  My news is good!  Be like Joshua and Caleb of old who voiced My heart and mind and will. Don’t be like the ten spies that believed the enemy could not be conquered!  You remember the names of MY obedient servants, but you do not even remember the names of the ten who would not believe.  Yet the ten convinced all of My called out people to stay in the wilderness and not go into the land of promise.  Another spirit was found in Joshua and Caleb:  My Spirit of faith!  Let My mind be in you continually, and believe that I Am your provisional God, that I Am protecting and taking care of you, that I change not, and you will possess your land of promise if you shake off the fears and doubts and negative reports and fully trust in Me, says the Lord.

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