Brand New Day

Do not let your disappointments hinder your faith or taint your vision, says the Lord.  Yes, let the past go!  It is GONE!   There are no redo options.  You cannot control what others did or said or how they acted.  Do not frustrate yourself with regrets about the yesterdays.  Each challenge was part of the training process that has made YOU better.  Forgive, release and bless the negative actions of others against you.  Let it go!  Set yourself free from the pain of the past.  You are not bound in yesterday.  This is a brand new day, and the past cannot control your now if you let it go. I have released you from the bondage of the past.  All your past sins are forgiven, and there is no record of them in heaven, so there should be no record on earth.  Live today.  I have blessed you with this day, and I Am instructing you to MOVE FORWARD and see what I have in store for you.  It is GOOD THINGS.  Look for the good things that I have especially purposed for you to discover this very day, says the LORD.

I want this day to be special for you, says the LORD.  Not just business as usual, but unique.  Come joyfully into My presence, unburdened, unfettered, relaxed and with a heart of expectation.  I will meet you there!  I Am always waiting and longing for sweet communion with you.  You will not see a scowl on My face when I see you.  You will experience My tenderness, My gentleness, My goodness!  Yes, you will see My welcoming face.  I love it when you come into My presence.  You don’t even have to talk.  Just sit with Me in silent thought of My goodness and feel the warmth of My presence.  Just knowing that I Am with you in an intimate way will bring you comfort, security and joy.  My love for you is unsurpassed, and My embrace is like none other.  You will feel the security and peace that nothing else can give you.  I welcome you to spend this day with Me.  Let Me be in the driver seat, and you can just sit next to Me and enjoy the journey with Me as I whisper softly, “All is well!  All is well! says the Lord.

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