Daily Devotional: Mindful of Us

Thank you, Lord, that you are mindful of us, because of our trust in you. You will bless us, help us, shield us, and will never forget us. You are never absence from us, and always on time, on task, to give us everything we need, to hear and answer our prayers and supply every need that we have. Amen

Daily Devotional: God Keeps His Promises

We thank you, Lord, for satisfying us with the physical and spiritual food that you give to those who reverence you. You will never forget your covenant promises to us, as we entrust our whole lives onto you. You never break covenant and all your promises will be fulfilled. We trust you for provision in every area and aspect of

Daily Devotional: Compassion

Lord, we thank you for your love and compassion that is renewable for us everyday, because we reverence and honor you as our Father GOD. You are always ready to help us, and you are mindful of our tears that you wipe away. You will never ignore the cry of our hearts as we come to you in simple, childlike

Daily Devotional: Power and Glory

Lord, we thank you, that as we reverence you and your holy name and trust in you, we look up to you for your salvation. Fill us with your glory and fill our country and loved ones with your awesome presence, power and glory. You are gracious and loving, and your presence in our lives sustain us as we wait

Daily Devotional: Prepared Goodness

Thank you, Lord, that you have reserved for us all of your great goodness, because we reverence you, and you have prepared everything that we need ahead of time, because of our trust in you. In the presence of others you openly shower us with your love and display your kindness, because we are your beloved children that you desire