Daily Devotional: Unshakable

Thank you, Lord, for always walking before me, clearing the path, preparing the way, and all I have to do is walk hand in hand with you. No matter what comes my way, I will not be moved. Nothing will shake me, because of My trust in you to keep me, night and day. Amen.

Unshakable and Immovable in Me

You are unshakable and immovable in Me, says the LORD. I Am your dwelling place. You are safe in the shelter of My arms at all times. I Am your hiding place where the enemy cannot attack you, cannot destroy you or even reach you. He is on the outside with no access to you. Though he kicks and screams,

Firm Foundation

I Am a firm foundation that never changes, regardless of the shaking, regardless of the removing, says the LORD. I am still that foundation that is stable, secure, unbending, unshakable, and cannot be moved or removed. For it is solid and enduring, and as you stand firmly upon Me and My word, says the LORD. Come into My presence. That