You are unshakable and immovable in Me, says the LORD. I Am your dwelling place. You are safe in the shelter of My arms at all times. I Am your hiding place where the enemy cannot attack you, cannot destroy you or even reach you. He is on the outside with no access to you. Though he kicks and screams, rants, rages, and threatens, he is unable to carry out those threats. You are fully covered and kept by Me, says the LORD.

My goodness and Mercy belong to you all the days of your life, says the LORD. You do not have to beg for anything or plead for Me to intervene on your behalf. I AM with you always to help you, and to give you more than you need, more than you ask Me for, more than you expected and more than you could possibly imagine. I will pour out my blessings upon you that have no sorrow attached. I will give you what you did not even ask ME for and surprise you with unexpected treasures. My purposes in your life will unfold, be performed and the enemy will not be able to abort even one of them as you dwell in Me, your resting place, and entrust everything to My care, says the LORD.

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