I Have Given You a Reason for Living

I Have given you a reason for living, says the LORD. My Spirit is in you. Your life is hidden in Me. I have meticulously formed you for My purposes and My glory. Your life has significance and permanency in ME. You are not going to be overlooked or discarded. I will not banish you from My kingdom or abort

Profitable and Perfectly Fitting

puzzlI will bring order to the disorderly things in your life, and make sense of the nonsense that you have been bothered by, says the LORD. I will give purpose to those things that seem incidental and show you how it fits perfectly in My plan. You have wanted to throw some things away that are a part of the

This Day is a Gift to use wisely

This very day that I have created has purpose, says the LORD. Do not let apathy swallow you up. Do not let anything discourage you or cause you to believe that there is no value in this time that I have given you. Do not waste the minutes or hours in wallowing in despondency and fear of the unknown future.