Profitable and Perfectly Fitting

puzzlI will bring order to the disorderly things in your life, and make sense of the nonsense that you have been bothered by, says the LORD. I will give purpose to those things that seem incidental and show you how it fits perfectly in My plan. You have wanted to throw some things away that are a part of the whole and you have wanted to keep some things that are waste materials. Let Me sort it out for you and dispose of that which is useless and use that which remains, says the LORD.

You are not a castaway, says the LORD. I Am not discarding you or throwing you into the junk pile because you do not fit into My purpose. That is what the enemy is saying, but I have need of you. You are not a misfit, but a vital part of the whole of what I Am forming, what I Am doing, and what I WILL DO on the earth. DO not discard and disqualify yourself. For I will use you as I place you in My hands and fit you into the very place that you belong, and give you everything that you need fulfill that specific purpose that I have ordained for your life, that is good, profitable and perfectly fitting, says the LORD.

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